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...I got yet another comment about how the relation between Gina and WIlliam's is awesome...TIFF! WE ARE FAMOUS!!

And because I feel like annoying Tiff....I will now say:

YOU HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER!! *makes little ambulance sound*

Oh and I'm soon going to finish that post in the headmasters place....I have the perfect idea in my head...and no one else probablly found my reference to celestial orange funny....

I rpged with Karma a little bit...that was fun....

TIFF HAS A SECRET ADMIRER!!!!! WOOOT WOOT WOOOT!!!You need to get on msn soon Tiff...

Crap...I have a test tomorrow....and I want to rpg darnit...too bad my characters aren't angsty enough...speaking of angsty I found a good thread to take points away and probablly annoy the character...MWAHA!

A death Eater that's afraid of snakes *cackles*

Where the hell is Mike!? He hasn't seen the cool layout....
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