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I can't cook xD

Home alone

I was going to make some popcorn on the microwave, right? I follow the instructions put them in the microwave and went on to do other things...when I smell smoked and go to the microwave to see the microwave turned off..I panic and open the microwave door...smoke comes out and the popcorn looksl ike mineature charcoal...I panic clean the microwave and throw the burnt popcorn away while I try to figureo ut how i'm going to get out of this mess...
Talk to Rik about the mess
dressed in black. ...Oh Baby, You And Me. says:
"Dad, this canadian walked into our kitchen..."

Thought of saying something among thel ines off:
"I thought I've gone mad without your wise and matronly presence."

Start panicing about my mom breaking my computer with a hammer for me breaking the microwave so plan on acting as if I don't know what the hell happened. I disconnect the microwave from the extension with lots of plugs and connect it on its own....and it turns on....Hooray! I get scared about cooking on the microwave but decide to make more popcorn and keep an eye on it...then i notice that next to the popcorn button there also is this Potaoe button....I think I wasn't paying attention and pressed potatoe instead of popcorn....xD

Dunno why the miocrowave didn't turned on though....xD

And that's my...blonde moment of the day ...I feel like such an idiot xD

Anyways last night...I talked to Tiff and wem ight be doing a Dress up as your character competition between...the two of us...we'll probablly do Will and GIna but I don't know if we might even do it!....if we do...I need to find pink fabric and a blonde wig....xD

Bunny slippers are the latest fashion... xD
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Yeah, potatos cook for 10-12 minutes in the microwave, and you're only suppose to cook popcorn 4-5....
Kind of figured that out already...:p
Wahahahaha. *points at icon* :-D
...I shall not dare to be stupid....

Besides my icon is cuter than your icon...I win.
Come can you resist that face? :P
Easilly like this *resist the face*

Can't resist his hairdo though....*doesn't resist the hairdo* xD
Lol... I am so going to dress up for that. I spent last night finishing OotP while wearing my wizarding cloak. *grin* I'm such a freak. XD

Bunny slippers kick ass. *thumbs up*
Oh Itzel...

First off, different microwaves cook on different levels, and different popcorn needs different amounts of time. Sometimes it only needs like 3 minutes, while it can be like 5 minutes on something else. You have to sit there and watch the popcorn...Or at least keep an ear on it (popcorn is usually done when there's a couple of seconds between pops, but it tastes better when you take it out just before then... =D).

As for the stopping of the microwave, that happens quite often on older types of microwaves. If it gets overheated, the cooking part of it won't stop. If you have a new microwave, then I don't really know... My old one used to do that ALL the time.

I'll dress up as...Lucius! Actually, I'd prefer to be Mark in the Quidditch robes, since Ravenclaw blue is quite sweet. I don't think I'll enter your contest, though.
LOL! Why do people THINk I don't know how to cook popcorn! I already felt stupid enough when I noticed my mistake! My microwave has different options for food...there was the popcorn button and the potatoe butoon...I accidently hit the potatoe buttin insteado f the pocorn button so it (of course) over cooked the popcorn! THis has been the first blunder I have had with popcorn so yeah...I just had a blonde moment!

QUidditch RObes sound hard to do....I just have to find a pink robe and a wig....and bunny slippers because they are the latest fashion and i am not going to wear the heels that Gina uses....besides she has a pair of bunny slippers too...xD

Whoo...that was all random....