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...I don't think anyone even reads this xD

TOday during class i found myself getting cannon couplings love...I drew a lot of chibis in one page (will probablly turn them each into a series of pictures). I drew even cannon pairings I don't

In the paper they are:
A cute Glasses loving Penelope Clearwater and Percy Weasley (They look shocked so its probably the scene were Ginny saw them xD)
Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy....Draco is just looking all smug with his hand around Pansy who looks all dreamy like (if that's possible xD)
Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Hermione is holding a book, while ROn hugs her and underneath it says I <3 bookworms xD)
Now is the real shocker....
I drew Harry and Cho Chang...yes i hate Cho CHang...but it looks so cute they are both sitting in one broom with the snitch and squeee.....


Uhm...I have to finish my project....Karma WHERE ARE YOU!?

TOday during school I talked to Eugenio and other guys during my Religion class...about whether I was sensitive or not...xD

When i went to the locker Cesar just came up and bit my shoulder (not really bit sort of like playfully) and then when I was sitting in my chair the guy that tried dancing with me in the party asked me if I liked it...

Me: Erhm...
Him: Yes you like it admit it!
Me: You were saying the same thing...are you still drunk?
Him:...No...I think....but you looked hot!
me: *rolls eyes* You know I don't always carry a bookbag with me, my closet actually has shorter than knee lenght skirts...In fact I have skirts that are shorter than the one I wore to that.
Everybody : OOOOOOOH

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