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Yesterday night was...

Interesting....I got to go to the party after all....

Most Disturbing line of the night:
Guy that's in my grade but who I had never talk to: Babe! You look hot tonight! Come on dance! *starts to perrear*
Me: o.0 Erhmm *stands still*
Him: Ah! You like it don't fake it! *puts hands over my shoulders and keeps dancign*
Me: *doesn't moove*

It's kind of sad taking to account that hasb een the first time he has ever talked to me...I guess that some people only imagine me wearing my uniform, with my messy hair in a ponytail, my glasses and carrying a book bag....they had never thought that I can *gasp* dress normally and wear makeup?

Anyways...some pictures I took before I dressed up and after....they are crappy since I took them with my webcam and not my digital cam...

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