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...I got yet another comment about how the relation between Gina and WIlliam's is awesome...TIFF! WE ARE FAMOUS!!

And because I feel like annoying Tiff....I will now say:

YOU HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER!! *makes little ambulance sound*

Oh and I'm soon going to finish that post in the headmasters place....I have the perfect idea in my head...and no one else probablly found my reference to celestial orange funny....

I rpged with Karma a little bit...that was fun....

TIFF HAS A SECRET ADMIRER!!!!! WOOOT WOOT WOOOT!!!You need to get on msn soon Tiff...

Crap...I have a test tomorrow....and I want to rpg darnit...too bad my characters aren't angsty enough...speaking of angsty I found a good thread to take points away and probablly annoy the character...MWAHA!

A death Eater that's afraid of snakes *cackles*

Where the hell is Mike!? He hasn't seen the cool layout....
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Hah, I saw your new layout.. looks REALLY good!! I like, much more organized....

I'll reply to Hannah, Esmeralda, and Kairi's thread as soon as I can... I copied the whole thing onto a disk so that I could write it at home and then just copy and paste it to the board.. it's going to be hell but whatever.

love ya and miss ya.
THanks it was very hard to do almost messed everything up! :P xD

Heh yay! SOme people use floppy's to do their work we use them for rpging! Missing you hon!
OMG, secret admirer... I love them too!! XD

*runs around making ambulance noises for no apparent reason*

And yes, you can finish that thread, since I have no ideas whatsoever. If left up to me, they'd probably just sleep in the infirmary, hehe. :P

I'm sorry I wasn't on yesterday... it was a late work night. I'll try to be on tonight, though.

*evil cackle*
LOL...actually that was what I was thinking for ending it...and I found some angsty post that can be turned into funnes know how much we want Will and GIna to mess up people's angsty posts xD
Well, it'd be easier than trying to get both of them into another room at the same time... Gah. They're impossible.

And yes, any angst I can help to disrupt, please let me know. *feels dutiful* XD