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[06 Sep 2004|02:43pm]

Is probably going to be friends lock so comment on the last entry I did to be added.

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

HUm Hum [06 Sep 2004|11:38am]
[ mood | cynical ]

I might get a new journal, I'm tired of this one...and we got another hurricane comming oh joy

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Hum Hum [05 Sep 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I don't know why I'm getting tired of this whole internet and rpging thing I just don't find anything to do at the board anymore, hopefuly by joining new rpgs this will be taken away and I'll still have a chance to enjoy it. It's not that I'm not enjoying it I'm finding it boring.

I miss Karma an Tiff...they haven't been on in a while....I wonder if they're mad at me....

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Hum... [05 Sep 2004|12:13am]
I think I'm going to join an rpg and sign up as Neville...I just want to play a different character than what I usually do.

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

[02 Sep 2004|11:09pm]
Holy Shit...hurricane Frances is a MONSTROSITY! God....I pray for everyone in Florida....

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

Good teachers, bad teachers. [02 Sep 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

My geography teacheri s such a bitch...I so want to get a hundred in her class so I can shove it on her face.

Anyways!!! Miss Amill (my teacher that left) wrote me an e-mail today!!! YAY!!! :D
Man she's such a great teacher she's the only teacher that i have felt I can really talk to.

Hee...I think I'm going to have some fun in photoshop later....going to make a thing that says I <3 Miss Amill *inside joke* She called me her favorite author ^^

I remembered something
Me and Nilka are walking past Amill's classroom singing: That's how it is! THey all die for be! EVEN YOU BI-
Amill: HEY!
Us: *gigle and run away*

*hears chants of teachers pets*

...Oh...uhm you know just because I'm from Puerto Rico means that I'm illiterate and that I can't write English. It also doesn't mean that I'm a suave girl...and it doesn't mean that I should bow and think that the US is the best thing that happened to us. I'm proud of my country and if you are going to be all racist for me being proud of it then you can just go away....

Being from Puerto Rico doesn't mean I'm dumb...in fact at least I didn't called our language Puerto Rican I know that Puerto Rican language doesn't exist, that it is SPanish what we speak here.


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...I don't think anyone even reads this xD [01 Sep 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

TOday during class i found myself getting cannon couplings love...I drew a lot of chibis in one page (will probablly turn them each into a series of pictures). I drew even cannon pairings I don't like...lol

In the paper they are:
A cute Glasses loving Penelope Clearwater and Percy Weasley (They look shocked so its probably the scene were Ginny saw them xD)
Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy....Draco is just looking all smug with his hand around Pansy who looks all dreamy like (if that's possible xD)
Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Hermione is holding a book, while ROn hugs her and underneath it says I <3 bookworms xD)
Now is the real shocker....
I drew Harry and Cho Chang...yes i hate Cho CHang...but it looks so cute they are both sitting in one broom with the snitch and squeee.....


Uhm...I have to finish my project....Karma WHERE ARE YOU!?

TOday during school I talked to Eugenio and other guys during my Religion class...about whether I was sensitive or not...xD

When i went to the locker Cesar just came up and bit my shoulder (not really bit sort of like playfully) and then when I was sitting in my chair the guy that tried dancing with me in the party asked me if I liked it...

Me: Erhm...
Him: Yes you like it admit it!
Me: You were saying the same thing...are you still drunk?
Him:...No...I think....but you looked hot!
me: *rolls eyes* You know I don't always carry a bookbag with me, my closet actually has shorter than knee lenght skirts...In fact I have skirts that are shorter than the one I wore to that.
Everybody : OOOOOOOH


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Awwr the Olympics are over.... [29 Aug 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

heh...it was such a sweet thing...I can't believe some people don't like the Olympics....I cried during the closing ceremony....specially when they showed highlights of the good things and bad things....like when the athletes fell and stuff....

The way that all the countries entered the stadium was amssing...I can't wait for 2008 Olympics in Beijin.

I feel un-loved

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

[29 Aug 2004|01:28am]
Karma...I uploaded the first chapter of my fic....if I'm able to get my projects done by tomorrow I'll try to write the second chapter!
Yes I know it sucks right now :p

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Yesterday night was... [29 Aug 2004|12:04am]
[ mood | content ]

Interesting....I got to go to the party after all....

Most Disturbing line of the night:
Guy that's in my grade but who I had never talk to: Babe! You look hot tonight! Come on dance! *starts to perrear*
Me: o.0 Erhmm *stands still*
Him: Ah! You like it don't fake it! *puts hands over my shoulders and keeps dancign*
Me: *doesn't moove*

It's kind of sad taking to account that hasb een the first time he has ever talked to me...I guess that some people only imagine me wearing my uniform, with my messy hair in a ponytail, my glasses and carrying a book bag....they had never thought that I can *gasp* dress normally and wear makeup?

Anyways...some pictures I took before I dressed up and after....they are crappy since I took them with my webcam and not my digital cam...

Read more...Collapse )

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

Ugh [26 Aug 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

My mom started fighting with me because she foundo ut that none of my friends were going to go to the party tomorrow and since they think that I'm not capable of taking care of myself I can't go...ugh...I'm not joined by the hip with my friends.

IMother you might think I am not sociable but I am quite capable of meeting new people and I'm not dumb.

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

Made a new icon [26 Aug 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Because even if they lost today they have gotten to a good position ^^

Anyways, today I had the first Big Brother Big Sis reunion they are going to make some psychological stuff and then see who made the cut I really hope I can be part of the program.

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Return of old obsessions [25 Aug 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Last night while talking to Karma I came up with a good idea for a story *nods*

Karma! I need to ask you for a favor...could you design one of the girls in the story? I have the peasant look already (I got it from an old random design i had done.) but I need the design of the royalty girl...I'm thinking long hair n some hair style (maybe sort of like the virgin of thesun?) whatever just tell me if you can do it.

I don't have much time to be ion I have a test tomorrow...ohand I offered myself for the Big Brother Big Sister program...it should be fun ^^.

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

Dum dum [24 Aug 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Nice day today...all though I should be studying...I'm such a lazy bitch xD

All though I got a bit sad on Spanish because I couldn't finish my exam plus as I handed in the exam I realized I had made a big mistake in the first part.

Anyways, I got mad at my mom during the drive home but realized I as being a spoiled brat and slapped myself and now...I'm here...woot.

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Mwaha [23 Aug 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

...I got yet another comment about how the relation between Gina and WIlliam's is awesome...TIFF! WE ARE FAMOUS!!

And because I feel like annoying Tiff....I will now say:

YOU HAVE A SECRET ADMIRER!! *makes little ambulance sound*

Oh and I'm soon going to finish that post in the headmasters place....I have the perfect idea in my head...and no one else probablly found my reference to celestial orange funny....

I rpged with Karma a little bit...that was fun....

TIFF HAS A SECRET ADMIRER!!!!! WOOOT WOOT WOOOT!!!You need to get on msn soon Tiff...

Crap...I have a test tomorrow....and I want to rpg darnit...too bad my characters aren't angsty enough...speaking of angsty I found a good thread to take points away and probablly annoy the character...MWAHA!

A death Eater that's afraid of snakes *cackles*

Where the hell is Mike!? He hasn't seen the cool layout....

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I know I have to find a college [23 Aug 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

my mom is annoying me so much...everyone in my family is, putting pressure on me on how I have o fin a college and start filling out college applications...I KNOW I have to find a college! Just let me enjoy my senior year for a bit!

I hate parents...they seem to forget how it was to be a teen.

Puerto Rico lost to Greece >_<...Meh....

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I can't cook xD [21 Aug 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Home alone

I was going to make some popcorn on the microwave, right? I follow the instructions put them in the microwave and went on to do other things...when I smell smoked and go to the microwave to see the microwave turned off..I panic and open the microwave door...smoke comes out and the popcorn looksl ike mineature charcoal...I panic clean the microwave and throw the burnt popcorn away while I try to figureo ut how i'm going to get out of this mess...
Talk to Rik about the mess
dressed in black. ...Oh Baby, You And Me. says:
"Dad, this canadian walked into our kitchen..."

Thought of saying something among thel ines off:
"I thought I've gone mad without your wise and matronly presence."

Start panicing about my mom breaking my computer with a hammer for me breaking the microwave so plan on acting as if I don't know what the hell happened. I disconnect the microwave from the extension with lots of plugs and connect it on its own....and it turns on....Hooray! I get scared about cooking on the microwave but decide to make more popcorn and keep an eye on it...then i notice that next to the popcorn button there also is this Potaoe button....I think I wasn't paying attention and pressed potatoe instead of popcorn....xD

Dunno why the miocrowave didn't turned on though....xD

And that's my...blonde moment of the day ...I feel like such an idiot xD

Anyways last night...I talked to Tiff and wem ight be doing a Dress up as your character competition between...the two of us...we'll probablly do Will and GIna but I don't know if we might even do it!....if we do...I need to find pink fabric and a blonde wig....xD

Bunny slippers are the latest fashion... xD

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[21 Aug 2004|12:21am]
I deleted my wannabee icon for the awesome drawing Tiff did...MWAHA GIna again...*clomps Tiff*

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Drunk guys can be funnily annoying [20 Aug 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was the day where the freshmen dressed up as babies and we got to play games...in the end we ended up paying more attention in throwing chocolate syrup and shaving cream to one another while deffending ourselves with water guns....quite amusing. In the end (I do wonder why Nairim seemed to find it amusing to drop the whole contents of a syrup bottle on me) my face was full of shaving cream and chocolate syrup while I wondered oddly why they were marshmellows stuck in my head when I had not participated in any even that involved marshmellow and the marshmellow from the other events have already been cleared out. ...Also wondering why the hell I had just gotten drenched by cold water when thewater in my own water gun was luke warm and I had just gotten it full.

I got a pie in the face....of shaving cream and my goddaughter was very pleased...while I tried hard not to slip on the floor and curse myself for my own stupidity of wearing eyeliner when I knew it was going to be a messy day xD

THen my mom fought with me with a bit but I ended up going with Elizabeth, Nilka, Juan, Lysell, and Monica to random places until it was 12 o clock (we got out of school at 10 am) so we could go to Cesar's house to a party that was going to be taken place there.

The party was full of people drinking my friends and I looking at each other weirdly and talking to Antonio for a bit...he is a nice guy he kept talking to us (I think he was a BIT tipsy but not really) how Yamalis was suppose to talk to him but didn't and just kep getting his hopes up and then ignoring him completelly. He was very distressed so Osiris, Miguel, and some other's took him around for a ride because he couldn't be kept there while yamalis after like the whole party ignoring him finally asked "Antonio what's wrong?" While she was at the other side of the ppool, beer in hand and her cell phone in the other now I realize why she's always in this dream like state.

The two new guys were smoking and Ceasar's brother (who is called Ceasar also) told them that they either stopped smoking or he could throw the cigarettes to the pool. One of the new guys was a bastard and kept telling Ceasar stuff about how not to tlell him not to drink when it was his house...I was surprised to see that most guys that I thought could drink a lot were actually quite all right.

Ceasar being in his own house didn't drank at all really...he was quite fine just picking things up and such. My friends and I only drank coke and 7up.

Nairim: *gasp* What are you guys doing in the bar?
Me: Uhm getting coke?
Nilka: SHit Itzel, they caught us....
Nairim: LOL!
Cristhopher: Let me check that *smells it* OH MY GOD ITZEL! Let me feel your breath! You've been drinking!!

Of course we weren't after experiences this last summer I don't drink.ANthony on the other hand...seemed to be a bit too tipsy.
"I'm on level two now! WOO! Itzel! *hugs me* How are you!?
Me: Erhm...Anthony you are drunk remove your hands from me *removes his hands from my shoulders*
Him: I see how you love me! FIne I'll leave! *almost trips *

Me: *talking on the phone*
Him: What's wrong Itzel!? No one is picking you up?
Me: Erhm...
Him: I'll call a TAXI for you!
Me:...Go away Anthony

THen someone told me I had big boobs...I just shoved him away and slapped him...stupid drunkies. I rweally see no point in getting drunk.

Oh yeah...Once I was getting some coke and I Juan put his hand on my back...I almost turned around and slapped him...I didn't but I was close to I told him not to grab me from the backin a party full of people drinking because my reaction couldn't be good.

Then uhm...I got here....and had a headache...

Now...i am wondering where Tiff is...here Tiffy....i NEED TO TALLLK TO YOUUUUUUUUUUU!! xD

I want to have another guy character....o.0

Going to stay up to watch the basketball game at 2 am!

(Have you seen the tv raisins that sing and dance?

I like this song in my new Alex Ubago cd... [19 Aug 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | content ]

SPanish ! Woot!Collapse )

Random Quotes from school

Teacher: 2 is a prime number because it doesn't have any numbers except 1 and 2 than when divided and./or multiplicated give 2
Janisse: Oh yes! 1 times 1 is 2!
Everybody: O.O LOL!

Me: *in Health class* Is it completelly normal to eat a big bowl or like a pint of ice cream when you are sad or depressed?
Teacher: Well you shouldn't because you have to look gorgeous for the prom!
Me: But I think everybody is out to get me!
Igneris: Itzeeel....thiiis iss youuuur conscienccceee no one is out to get youuu
Everybody: Igneris like always the...CENTER OF ATTRACTION!

....We already started with the inside jokes xD

Random RPG Quotes
Wintergreen was about to whine that he no longer wanted the job if it entailed breathing the same air as her... he loathed the woman... he wished someone would dunk her in honey and place her on top of a starving colony of fire-ants.
MWAHA.. Tiff maskes me laugh...and I know that's old...leave me alone....*still thinks everybody is out to get her*

..ANa's Mooving Out Party! WOOT!

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